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All our innovative facials are created with your individual skin care needs in mind.

Chemical Peels

Estetik Room provides custom packages and consulting for you to know what peel is best for your skin.

Facial Mesotherapy

Promotes the growth of healthy cells;“Injects” nutrients directly into cells; Has rejuvenating effects; Hydrates skin; Promotes collagen; Improves skin elasticity.

Microcurrent FaceLift

“Microcurrent Facelift Therapy” is often referred to as a “Natural facelift “. This safe and painless procedure helps erase fine lines and wrinkles, while firming your skin and defining your features and giving you radiant healthy young look. It improves muscle tone, tightens skin, reduces puffiness, increases cellular activity, tightens pores, lightens age spots and gets rid of edema.

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I have been amazed my Nata’s way to treat each individual’s skin type and issues. I walked in with an extensive sun damage after my lovely vacation, plus my skin is acne-prone, mixed oily and dry... lots of room for improvement! Nata quickly identified my skin needs and tailored her procedure and solutions accordingly. Then we discussed the daily treatment and what kind of healthy behavior changes I should follow. Her Estetik Room is sparkling clean - better than some medical cabinets I’ve been to! I was looking for a specialist like Nata for awhile now! I’m lucky to find her. Don’t be surprised that In 5 years from now she’d be treating celebs only. Get on her list now!

Elena, San Bruno

There are not that many good places in bay area that do peels and facial. Estetik Room is one of the best I tried. Highly recommended! Peels really work. Result is visible after first treatment. Nata, you are my #1 skin care therapist!🙏🙏🙏

Tamila, San Bruno

Excellent service, absolute professional, painless extractions. After only one treatment, my skin does appear more hydrated and considerably more radiant. I highly recommend and will definitely come again !

Gina, Sunnyvale

I genuinely cannot express how amazing Nataliya is and my facial experience at Estetik Room. Nata is so incredible in her beauty esthetics. She listens and observes from me and what I really need. She also helps me in identifying my problems and provides me advices on how should i take care of my skin. She said “You will see the results” and proved that there are not ugly women but only lazy women. I saw a difference right after the facial treatment. My face is always cover with around 5-10 acnes. Once the acne is dead, scar remains. Once the scar is gone, new acne comes. It is like non-stop red dot over my face (especiall on my cheek and chin) for around couple years. This is my second week after my first visit to Nataliya. Those main big acnes are almost gone with little scar and bumpy left. I can tell they will be all gone after my 2nd-3rd visit. I will be re-visit Nata in couple days. Cant wait to see my life changing and thanks GOD that I have met Nataliya.

Tammie, San Francisco

When we talk about beauty, it starts from the face and its skin. The beautification of the skin is what a truly esthetician’s role for. I got lucky enough to meet this person and won’t go to anyone again. Natalia from Estetik Room introduced me to the whole new world. Just in 2 sessions, she demonstrated me the improvements of my skin and that glowing face that I got. She is very knowledgeable about the nature and appreciation of beauty when it come to your skin. She can dive into with you with every treatment she does, every product and technique she is using and guide you for the after care instructions. By the way, you won’t ever notice how she cleans your face and gets rid of those black heads as she is doing it so painless without damaging your skin, and your face is not red like a tomato for another day or two. Not just on the great professional level and her careful individual approach to each client, she is also a sweet and kind person to meet. If you want to look beautiful, glowing and young, start with your skin care and don’t need to look any further, but Estetik Room would take care of you. Remember, it all starts from your face and its skin :) I booked my appointment for next month already, did you?

Anastasia, San Francisco

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ESTETIK ROOM is skin and body care center located in heart of Burlingame, California.

Every client who comes through our door receives a completely personalized experienced based on their own unique needs and goals. We use only top quality professional skincare products, the best nature can offer to your skin and body. Visit us today.